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Systems and Automation Concepts

As a system supplier, KVT pursues the solutioneering approach with an extensive range of high-end installation techniques in the fields of fastening technology. A variety of rivet guns with mechanical, hydropneumatic, and electronic drives are available. 
PEMSERTER4 and IN-DIE Einpressmaschinen PEM

Installation Equipment - Self-Clinching Fasteners

Irrespective of the demands made of the installation, the PEMSERTER® range of tools guarantees optimum installation of all types of PEM self-clinching fasteners.

Installation Equipment - Self-Clinching Fasteners

The Haeger® inserter system is based entirely on hydraulics and can be equipped modularly according to requirements and task. The single touch technology makes possible precise and reliable insertion of PEM® self-clinching nuts.

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Installation Equipment - Blind Rivets

Blind rivets can be installed both manually and automatically. The number of components is an important indicator in the choice of the right method of processing.


Installation Equipment - Blind Rivet Nuts

KVT-Fastening offers the perfect installation system for every application to ensure safe fitting of blind rivet nuts.

InstTech_Wire-thread-inserts_ (1)

Installation Equipment - Wire Thread Inserts

For manual, mechanical and automatic screwing in and out of wire thread inserts, KVT-Fastening offers a large range of suitable thread taps and thread formers.

InstTech_Thread_inserts_ (1)

Installation Equipment - Thread Inserts

The precise screwdriving tools from KVT-Fastening ensure a secure fixing for all wire thread inserts of the Tappex, Filtec, Lockfil, Kato, Keensert and Fasteks types


Installation Equipment - Speed Fasteners

The riveting tools for speed fasteners are convincing with their setting cycle speed of up to one rivet a second and their great pulling power.


Installation Equipment - Structural Blind Fasteners

In the heavy-duty field too, tools and machines designed for top performance ensure an optimum connection between fastener and carrier material.

InstTech_Sealing-Technology_ (1)

Installation Equipment - Sealing Technology

There is a wide selection of riveting tools and corresponding accessories available for installing the KOENIG EXPANDER.

processing and automatisation

Processing and Automation

With a wide range of hand tools and fully-automatic systems, KVT-Fastening offers the appropriate processing system for installing blind rivets, speed rivets and blind rivet nuts.

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LiteWWeightTM Core


MM-Welding® technology is an innovative fastening technique using ultrasonic energy to create a frictional positive connection in porous materials, sheet structures, sandwich materials, injection-moulded and pressure mouldings. To achieve this, rod or collar-shaped thermoplastic elements are used to fasten components.

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HS-T Smart Tools

Smart Tools

From the standard product to the high-end version; battery-powered tools for screws, blind rivets and blind rivet nuts from HS-Technik stand for highest process reliability, incl. counting function and documentation of 150,000 installation processes.

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