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bigHead® connecting elements satisfy all demands as universal high-specification connections resistant to tearing off and tearing out. Manufactured of stainless steel or steel, bright zinc plated, they are ideally suited for concealed use in plastics, wood or laminates. They are also used in many other applications requiring high-performance fastening solutions for lightweight construction and particularly for composite materials.


The principle of a bigHead is as simple as it is brilliant: studs, pins, nuts and other fastening elements are welded onto a perforated head. This means that the fastener can be used in a far wider range of applications than traditional fasteners. Many of the designs offer universal and intelligent solutions which are applied in the automotive, marine and furniture manufacturing industries, machinery manufacture and many other fields.

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bigHead® possible applications

bigHeads® are the ideal products for creating secure connections on and in a wide variety of components. The fastening elements enable the efficient assembly of an assembly as well as a combination with a second connection element, such as:

  • Threaded connections for assembling an assembly (left picture)
  • Cable holder for fixing cable ties (right picture)

bigHead® Fastening Elements

We help designers and engineers to fasten materials across a wide range of industries. From super-cars and luxury yachts to infrastructure projects and public utilities. Wherever you see a complex fastening challenge, you’ll find a bigHead hard at work.