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bigHead®: the ideal solution for the PBT housing of a 48 V battery pack


The high-voltage technology of modern e-mobility puts special requirements on metallic conductive fastening elements. They are subjected to special tests, such as dynamic shock and drop tests. In a current project, corrosion-resistant threaded bolts/bushings were to be firmly and securely integrated into the PBT housing of a 48 V battery pack, without making a hole. In addition, the fasteners had to have a good torsional rotation resistance and pull-out strength with minimum space required. The bigHead SF2/B23-M8x10 met all requirements and passed all tests with flying colors. Since it can be directly integrated into the injection molding process of the housing, the component can be directly equipped with the desired fastening technology without any additional work step. In addition, all occurring forces are equally transmitted into the component through the head, whereby better strength is achieved compared to conventional threaded inserts.

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